MUTE ELATION is a video production company. We specialize in the artistic/experimental music video,corporate image, and documentaries. From teaching you how to use your own computer to create your own master piece to hiring us to bring your vision to life, we are happy to help. From script-writing and shooting to editing, graphics, DVD authoring and replication, we can get you on your way. Most projects are done on a bid basis. Contact us for more information.


Travel Logs: Now available, beautifully shot & finely edited videos highlighting some of the most amazing locations in the world.



A 'Coffee-Table-Video'© about Hawaii is now available. It is a 45 minute musical journey showcasing the beauty of Hawaii. Visit this page for more information.


The second in a series of 'Coffee-Table-Videos'© takes you to the far-east - China! See the Great Wall, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Hong Kong and much more. Visit this page for more information.

Bolivia/The Amazon:

Next in line is a documentary about Bolivia, highlighting the Amazon Basin, the capital La Paz and Lake Titicaca. This will explore the land, from 'el tigre' the jaguar, to 6 species of monkeys, caimen and the birthplace of the Incas, this will be as exciting to watch as it is being there.

Stock footage is available from all of these above videos. Need some custom stock footage of Colorado, Hawaii, Bolivia or China, feel free to ask!


We are pleased to present some music videos we have produced:

Dillinger Escape Plan - 3:48

Multicast - 6:20

Libertinage - 1:57

Maximum Coherence During Flying - 1:06

Coil - A White Rainbow - 9:18

Also, visit this page to see our other work for the band Coil.


If you are experiencing problems, visit Apple.

My day job is with People Productions. I have produced/edited hundreds of videos with them. Check us out!