Live in New York City

August 18, 2001


UPDATE - This has sold out and is no longer available through this site. This site is maintained for historical reference. Check out my other videos here.

I am happy to announce the Coil show in New York City, their first ever in the Western Hemisphere, is now available. This was recorded on August 18, 2001 from the soundboard and and has a stereo audio mix. Included in this set is a VHS tape (NTSC/PAL/SECAM as needed) and a CD.

On the VHS tape:  
Soundcheck - about 25 minutes of Coil and crew setting up their gear, testing thier instruments and Jhon Balance singing into the mic with bits from The Green Child, Blood from the Air and Amethyst Deceivers. This was recorded with an open camera mic for part of the time, then, once the sound board was all set up, the camera is hooked up to the soundboard.

The Show - 55 minutes that we have all been waiting for! The songs played were:


Higher Beings Command

Amethyst Deceivers

What Kind of Animal are You?

Blood from the Air

The Green Child

Constant Shallowness Leads to Evil

Post-Show Backstage - This section is about 4 1/2 minutes. Shortly after the show finished, Coil had a photo op with the bloody underwear boys. This and the events surrounding it are captured.

On the CD:
The CD has the live show from the soundboard, in stereo, with track markers. The sound was cleaned up for clearer sound and more even levels. The CD is 54:41 long. To keep costs low, the CD comes in a tyvek sleeve with a insert to put into your own jewel case.


Other Details:
Coil has approved of this release and encouraged its being sold. This is not an official Coil release, it has no Eskaton number, but they wanted people to be able to see and hear their concert. The video is available in any video format(NTSC/PAL/SECAM). No one will be getting copies of copies of copies, which degrades the video quality greatly! The CD's are CD-r's, checked for quality, and will have printing on them, not stickers. Please forward this information to other people that may be interested. I will post this to a couple forums, and will repost it to the Coil list from time to time for a while for the people that missed it the first time. Read what peopel that have received this have said. This is what COIL had to say about this recording:

A single camera shot of the concert which does have some great moments was
shot by Don Poe, and he has our permission to send out copies for a
reasonable price (though not to advertise and distribute commercially).The
package being sold by Don includes a video that features the full show plus
footage from the soundcheck and backstage, as well as a professionally
pressed and printed CD-R featuring a soundboard recording of the performance.


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