Ancient, Inc


The music of Ancient, Inc., is an ethno-(industrial, electronic and experimental) music that combines our love of middle-eastern music with experimental recording methods and deep sound manipulation.

The music of Ancient, Inc, is real - moving and emotional. The songs are created with real ethnic instruments including gumbri, violin, djembe and other stringed Arabic& world instruments. Found objects add special sounds, and samples are manipulated and mangled. Finally, electronic synths, beats and studio tricks warp the sounds for your contented ears.

Ancient, Inc., is Inspired by the music of Coil, Zoviet France, Muslimgauze, and others in the electronic and industrial vein. It's member is also from the band Khamsa Khala which attained notoriety worldwide with the release "All Rites Reversed."

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Glancing Blow of History

On this album, Ancient, Inc. combines authentic instruments with analogue circuits to break Arabic music. Neville Harson, from Khamsa Khala and Mandible Chatter, lends support on a couple of songs.

Released: 2014

Glancing Blow of History

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Pride of the Charmoota

The first solo release, "Pride of the Charmoota" uses electronic and ethnic instruments warped for your beat-driven and relatively melodic pleasure. 2 tracks include singing while the others have samples or are instrumental.

Released: 2012

Pride of the Charmoota Cover

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Winding Winds

"Winding Winds" is the second release by Ancient, Inc. This release falls in the ambient / drone / experimental arenas. Some voices are heard and the music is still not for mass consumption.

Released: 2013

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Walking on my Shadow

"Walking on my Shadow" was composed from 2010-2013 or so. These songs represent the experimental and odd side of Ancient, Inc.
Sounds generated and warped heavily from voice, bricks & devices, violin, waterphone, location recordings, upright piano and lots of fun.

Released: 2014

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Libertinage : The Formative Years

A majority of the songs were recorded in 1995-2003, with some as new as 2012. These tracks represent the rawer, more abrasive sound of Ancient, Inc. As a general rule, I consider these songs the initial trajectory of this band while the sound evolved to a more nuanced level that I like to work in now. The song "Prophet" is dedicated to an old friend and the final song, "Orgy," was created on a whim with Serpent. Serpent also provided loops and initial sound files for " Stretching of the Will."

Released: 2014

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First Tape : 1993

"First Tape : 1993" was recorded on primitive gear (4 track and reel to reel) in the summer of 1993 on borrowed gear. Intended for the hard core fans of Ancient, Inc.

Instruments used include vinyl records, tape loops, samples and toys/devices.

Released: 2014

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Select Live Performances

Live at the First Annual International Digital Dada Festival

"Innocence" performed live 2011-12-23 in Denver, Colorado


"Torn Silk" performed live 2011-12-23 in Denver, Colorado


"Majesty" performed live 2011-12-23 in Denver, Colorado


"Intro" (Excerpt) performed live 2014-04-25 in Denver, Colorado at Denver Noise Fest


"Outro" (Excerpt) performed live 2014-04-25 in Denver, Colorado at Denver Noise Fest